Independent Indigenous Festival is supported by different communities for a greater experience at the festival.


Nordic stretch tents

Nordic Stretch Tents provides high-quality stretch tents for events and hospitality. We are exited to have their tents in our festival!

Their portfolio includes luxurious wooden frame tent houses, such as the Festipod, offering comfortable accommodation for various occasions.

Quick to assemble and easy to move, these tents leave a lasting impression of quality, comfort, and smart design, providing a unique glamping experience.

  • High Quality Stretch Tents

  • Wooden Frame Tent Houses

  • Glamping Tents


The Beduin Maizena Tents from Sinai Egypt

The Maizena Bedouin Tribe from Sinai proudly provides the Independent Indigenous Festival, with a Bedouin Tent as a communal space.

This gesture fosters cultural exchange and unity among diverse indigenous groups. The festival, infused with music, art, and traditional crafts, celebrates indigenous voices and histories.

Through their generosity, the Maizena Bedouin Tribe embodies compassion and solidarity, enriching society with their support for indigenous communities.

  • Bedouin Tent

  • Hand crafted tent and carpet artisans

  • Communal Space

  • Cultural heritage handcraft

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